Terms & Conditions

1st General Travel Terms and conditions

Under the name "Exciting Myanmar" offers the travel agency Aye Myaing Lehmann (hereinafter referred to as EM), represented by the owner Aye Myaing Lehmann, Moselstr. 19, 16356 Ahrensfelde OT Eiche, Germany, tourist services. EM acts mainly as a tour operator, but in addition also worked as a travel agent.

Among the domain we present our range of services (website).

The following conditions are used to represent and settle the legal relationship between the customer and EM in a clear way, taking into account the legal provisions.

2nd Convying of third party services

If EM conveys explicitly in the name of foreign services providers, particularly flights, car rentals and boat tours, then formation and content of the contract governed by the relevant statutory provisions and the relevant conditions of the contractual partner of the traveler, provided they are included.

If EM acts as an intermediator for third party services EM is only liable for the proper performance of the intermediation, not the service provision in the mediated contract itself.

3nd Privacy protection

  1. The recorded data of you based on your request and travel registration are only used by EM to process the booked service and customer care (see Privacy Policy). If you don’t like to receive advertisements from EM, send a short message to the address indicated at the end of the Terms.
  2. Do you book flights within Myanmar with us, we will notify you prior to the relevant air transport on the identity of each operating airline, once this is fixed. If this is not yet the case at booking time, the first probably the operating airline is given by us. In the operating airline exchange after booking you will be informed immediately.

4th Booking a trip with EM

  1. Booking inquiries can be directed to us via phone, fax, Skype or email. To get in touch by phone you can call our office in Ahrensfelde (phone: +49 (30) 8954 6152). After your booking request, we create an individual offer in writing in consultation with you determine a period for acceptance. The creation of the offer takes usually two working days. With your timely acceptance of our offer, which may be in text form or free form, the travel contract is concluded.
  2. Changing or supplementary agreements to the services described, as well as the conditions require an explicit agreement with EM. It should be made for reasons of evidence in writing. Travel agents are not authorized to enter the content of the travelogue or conditions differing representations or amendments or make supplementary agreements.

5th Payment

  1. Immediately after the acceptance of our offer, a deposit of 20% of the tour price has to be paid on one of our accounts specified in our offer. The deposit is used to secure reservations for hotels and flights within Myanmar. Once the reservation by the executive (s) airline (s) or site (s) have been confirmed, you will be notified of it. All payments are accepted in euros or dollars.
  2. The final payment must be made at least 30 days prior to departure. For contracts that are established later than 30 days before departure date, the total price shall become immediately due. The delivery of the travel documents occurs after payment.
  3. Children up to the age of 2 years travel free if they sleep in the parents' bed. Children between 2-12 years are charged 50% of the price of an adult. Children and young people over 12 are considered adults.

6th Trip cancellation by the participiants

You can at any time withdraw from the travel contract before departure. EM rises in this case flat-rate penalty. Until the 45th day before departure, there will be no cancellation fee. If the withdrawal from the travel contract occurs

  • between the 44th and 15th day prior to departure, a cancellation fee of 50%
  • between the 14th and 8th day prior to departure,, a cancellation fee of 80%
  • from 7 Days prior to departure, a cancellation fee of 100%

is due to the particular price has to be paid. The reference date is the receipt of the cancellation. The margin between the price and overdue penalty will be remitted back to the account you specified.

7th Refunds

After departure there will be no refund for unused services within the travel program.

If you are dissatisfied with our local travel, please call our office in Yangon (Ph: +95 (1) 966 90 65). Insofar as it is possible, we replace the guide.

The transportation during the tour program is carried out in air-conditioned vehicles. In the case of breaking of a vehicle or the failure of the air conditioning please call us. We try to organize as soon as possible replacements for the broken vehicle.

In rare cases, domestic airlines change flight schedules, although the flights were previously confirmed. In such cases we will inform you as soon as possible about it to choose an alternative.

If the booked hotel rooms are defective, please inform us as soon as possible about it. We will try another room in this hotel to convey.

8th Changing prices

  1. EM has the right to increase the tour price, if after conclusion of the contract and unpredictable for EM the subsequent price components specified below rise due to circumstances or newly emerge, and these are not the responsibility of EM: exchange rates for the booked travel, transport costs (especially fuel price rise); port or airport fees, security fees in connection with the transport and entrance fees. The price increase is only permissible if the period between conclusion of the contract and the start of the trip more than three months.
  2. The price can only be increased by the amount of the sum of all incurred after the contract amount-related increases in Section 8.1. mentioned price components for the booked travel corresponds. Where relevant cost increases relating to a tour group in its entirety, they are first distributed to the individual traveler. Whichever calculation is more favorable for the traveler, while the originally calculated average number of participants or the specific expected number of participants is taken as a basis. EM is required to prove the reasons and extent of the price increase to the traveler by request.
  3. EM has to immediately inform the traveler on possible price increase, no later than 30 Days before departure.

9th Insurances

We urgently advise our customers to take out a travel cancellation insurance and an insurance to cover repatriation costs in case of accident or illness. We also recommend an insurance against theft and loss of baggage.

10th Passport and health regulations

  1. For travel to Myanmar, an international passport is required, which is at least 6 months longer valid beyond the date of return. The embassies of Myanmar provide tourist visa for a stay of 28 days. The visa fees are currently at 25 € for EU citizens and $ 25 for non-EU citizens. Because of the possibility of future changes, we suggest that you follow the news media and travel advice of the Foreign Ministry of your country or the Myanmar Embassy in your country, even if EM, of course, try as much as possible to inform you about changes. Personal circumstances of the traveler can generally be considered only if a specific reference during the booking procedure took place.
  2. The tour participant should inform himself in due time of infection prevention and vaccine protection and other prophylactic measures. On our website you will also find relevant information. If necessary, medical advice should be sought to thrombosis and other health risks. To general information, especially when the health authorities, physicians experienced in travel medicine and information services or the Federal Centre for Health Education, reference is made.

11th Rights and obligations of deficiencies

  1. If the trip is not provided with the contract, the tour participant can demand redress. EM can refuse the redress, if they require a disproportionate effort.
  2. If EM does not provide remedy within a reasonable time determined by the trip participants, the tour participant can itself remedy the situation and demand a compensation for necessary expenses. The specification of a deadline is not necessary, if EM denied the remedial or immediate remedy is offered for a present special interest of a tour participant.
  3. For the duration of a non-contractual travel service, the traveler can make a claim for reduction of the. However, this right does not apply if of the trip participant intentionally refrains from indicating the fault.
  4. If the trip is due to a deficiency substantially impaired or is the continuation of the trip for an important reason not reasonable for the traveler due to a lack, then the customer can cancel the contract under the statutory provisions. Previously, the traveler has to set a reasonable time for remedy. The determination of such a period not need it then, if redress is impossible or is refused by EM or if the immediate termination of the contract by a special interest of the participant is justified.

12th Rights and obligations of the tour guide

  1. Tour guides are commissioned during the trip, notices of defects and remedy claims to receive and to take remedial action, if possible and necessary. However, they are not entitled or authorized to recognize or receive claims for reduction or damages with effect against EM.

13th Limitation of liability

  1. EM assumes no liability for any loss (money, luggage) during the travel program. EM also declines any liability for damage in the itinerary due to accident, illness of trip participants, delays, strikes, bad weather or other causes which are not the responsibility of EM.

Regardless of that EM will try to mitigate the consequences of an incident.

14th Validity of particulars

Our performance representations, e.g. on the Internet, can only reflect the planned details the travel arrangements at this time. Even printing or display errors can be prevented despite greatest care. Changes are therefore possible and stay reserved until the submit of the final declaration of intention to conclude the contract.

Name and domicile of the travel agency

Travel Agency Aye Myaing Lehmann
Moselstr. 19
16356 Ahrensfelde OT Eiche

Represented by:
Mrs. Aye Myaing Lehmann
Phone: +49 (30) 8954 6152
Fax: +49 (30) 8954 6153